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Which kind of soup are you in the mood for? Smooth and creamy pumpkin, or chunky minestrone - with a slab of sourdough on the side?

Tried this Neil Perry Minestrone soup with legumes and bacon Serve with crusty bread rubbed with garlic, sea salt and lashings of extra virgin olive oil.


Creamy Curried Pumpkin Soup - best recipe I've found for this soup! Even had pumpkin soup for one of the first course options at our wedding!

Recipe: Easy Green Minestrone  Add some extra garlic, ground chicken or turkey, sliced red onions and whole mushrooms.  All or some combination.

Easy Green Minestrone

Winter minestrone soup

Karen Martini's winter minestrone with roasted root vegetables and crunchy kale

recipes using coconut

Thai pumpkin soup If you think pumpkin soup is boring, then think again. A little curry paste will spice things up.

Serve soup with grilled sourdough that's been rubbed with garlic and olive oil.

Neil Perry's Chunky chicken and celeriac soup - Serve soup with grilled sourdough that's been rubbed with garlic and olive oil.

QUICK AND FILLING: Some soups are thin, ideal for starting a meal because they stimulate the appetite rather than satisfy it. Today's recipe definitely does not come into this category as it is thick, creamy and a meal in itself. taking only minutes to make, it is perfect for a hearty lunch or as a lazy Sunday night meal on a tray in front of the television.

Leek and creamed corn chowder. I make this every weekend in winter. Really filling and good a on a cold day.