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Poseidon's Underworld: Have a Small CHiP While I'm Still Gathering Myself...

Erik Estrada as 'Officer Francis ("Frank") "Ponch" Poncherello' in CHiPs (1977-83, NBC)

LOVE STORY Eric Segal 1970 Paperback Novel Movie Book Ali McGraw Ryan ONeal…

CHiP's....mmmm, Erik Estrada!

Rad Daly, wonder what he looks like today?

My two favorite stars when I was a teenager..Erik Estrada and Leif Garrett

When a man confronts you, he is the enemy! The enemy deserves no mercy! Woo hoo! Here's some Billy Zabka from the Karate Kid!! Mr Zabka was ALL over my bedroom door when I was a little gull! I always wanted him to beat Daniel at the karate tournament!