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Snail is amazing food! Let enjoy it!

We are Viet Delta Corp. from Viet Nam. Our company supply many kind of seafood. One of them is snail. Snail is a delicious and specialty dish, Let me know if you want to purchase it for your business! Contact me via: email: kelly.vdelta@gmail.com or skype: kieuloan209 !

Two great dishes famous to #poggiomurella #snails #Acquacotta

Delicate hearts hidden behind thorny leaves (the Cretan spiny artichokes) ~ fresh tender peas ~ sweet carrots ~ scallions and fresh garlic ~ wild fennel: a telltale sign that spring has arrived. Pair with snails and you'll have a great dish.

Toro’s Snail and Rabbit Paella is a new, refreshing take on a classic

Garlic snail is available for exporting! Contact me for more information: email: kelly.vdelta@gmail.com or skype: kieuloan209

You cannot get much fancier than serving escargot; especially if you serve them in real snail shells. You can find special escargot dishes l...

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