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No better way to play that off

Amazing Russia laughing at their errors in the closing ceremonies.

Video gambling machines like this one made by Incredible Technologies in Arlington Heights soon could appear in suburban bars.

Gaming Board approves suburban video gambling licenses

I'd like to say something against it, but it's true. We usually get days off for the NHL playoffs. When it's the Winter Olympics, our school has buzzers that go off in the classrooms when home (Canada) and away (whoever else is playing) scores in hockey. We have TVs in the halls playing hockey all the time. Also, my cousins school actually has an ice rink.

this is not an exaggeration. during the Olympics the whole school gathers for the games, more than once. I remember in math class i show up and its the canadian hockey team finals and we were all cool with watching the hockey game instead of doing math

Sochi Olympics 2014 Speed Skating, Best of Tumblr

Australia's first Winter Olympic gold medal

Get Lucky by Daft Punk should be playing while you look at these

Winter Olympics faces…

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The Australian Winter Olympic Team is.

The Ultimate Olympics Drinking Games

The Ultimate Olympics Drinking Games--Dear Lord.

Winter Olympics faces...

Winter Olympics faces…


Winter Olympics…

Get Lucky by Daft Punk should be playing while you look at these.

Winter Olympics faces…