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Pink Stars Bottle Cooler #bottle #cooler #stars #pink #Zazzle #pattern

from Starbucks Secret Menu

Starbucks Cotton Candy Frappuccino

Cotton Candy Frappuccino. Order a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with one pump raspberry syrup. That's for a tall. Add one pump per size.*Previous Pinner*-M

I have a feeling this connects to Pink Diamond in some way;obviously non-rebel gems are very loyal to their diamonds,and since its been revealed that Jasper was originally in Pink Diamonds allegiance,I don't think her siding with Yellow Diamond was consensual.I'm guessing this caused some major psychological damage on Jasper and she has it in her mind that even unhealthy power will help her avenge Pink Diamond,or something like that.But idk,I'm not the best at theories.

We have lost even this twilight. No one saw us this evening hand in hand while the blue night dropped on the world. I remembered you with my soul clenched in that sadness of mine that you know. ... The book fell that always closed at twilight and my blue sweater rolled like a hurt dog at my feet. ... Always, always you recede through the evening

★ IME~ LIFE AT THE POND ~ ALLANA. Welcome and Congratulations on your BEACON STAR. The magical croaking of little frogs as the wake of my canoe disturbs their peaceful sleep. I rise to see ducklings following their mother in a row amongst the colourful flowers that seem to glide along the glistening water and I am at peace, floating along the path to UTOPIA I.M.E.™© With Love Maria.

from Cambio

The Fault in Our Stars Fandom

Literally as soon as hazel said "an imperial affliction ended mid sentence" that was my first thought..