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stevencrewniverse: Arm and leg theories by show creator Rebecca Sugar: Early concepts for how to treat limbs on Steven Universe!  I wanted to get the most anatomical information out of the least amount of lines.

First attempt to draw a pine cone in order to pass my art class. - Imgur

LOVE: repeated circle embellishments with flowers mixed in, draws the eye across the page. Also the way the flourish anchors title, embellish line and photos together.

collage illustration by Katherine Brickman and Kate Mitchell (Greedy Hen)

Cello Babe - Susanne Clark. Gives me an idea to take simple line drawings of instruments and add colorful backgrounds inspired by sounds these instruments make - could borrow real instruments and play diff music to make a full lesson of it...

okay but please imagine the day frisk grows taller than sans they just put on that one line from control by halsey "I'm bigger than these bones" on repeat and sans just.