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Η Πένα μελάνι είναι χειροποίητη από φυσικά υλικά. Η κασετίνα περιλαμβάνει μια πένα φτερού σε φυσικό χρώμα, δύο μπουκαλάκια με διαφορετικό χρώμα, μια σφραγίδα, μια θήκη για τοποθέτηση μελανιού, τσιπόχαρτο και βουλοκέρι.

This is a First Nations treaty I transcribed with a dip-ink quill pen on handmade linen paper, part of the "Treaty Canoe" project at the Art Gallery of Windsor. When our ancestors were writing treaties all those years ago they would have been working with instruments that were much more crude, and the outcome would have been just as rustic. It was my first experience with a dip-ink pen, and a really neat new skill to learn! Looking forward to doing a book of poetry this way. - (Eve) Sue.

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