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Hahaha I replayed this part about 10 times the first time I watched the movie.

She gave us Fat Amy, who quickly became everyone's spirit animal. | 21 Reasons Rebel Wilson Is A Fantastic Role Model

the best no-kiss movie? I do love fat amy! "I have a feeling we should kiss." "I sometimes have a feeling I can do crystal meth, but then I think, 'mmm, better not." Pitch Perfect - Fat Amy :) That movie cracked me up!

New girl

New Girl quote 'you're gonna be fine. just, you know suck in the gut. what gut? the little pouch where you keep your extra cookies' :)

Lesson 12: Even if you're not Roberta, you can still be a lucky bitch. | 12 Lessons From "Now And Then" About Being A Woman

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fat amy  gif

fat amy Gracie was telling me about this last night.