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Cheers - we know it's all libtard whining and blaming

corruption in politics is a given now days but the fact that the majority of the american people are willing to not only put up with it but possibly vote it in is just mind boggling !

Not career politicians!

It should be self supporting through its own contributions.

When U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power abstained rather than voting against the resolution, the Obama administration took the bizarre and unprecedented move to turn its back on Israel. The move serves to end Jewish settlement building and threatens to plow Israel back to its 1967 borders, potentially leaving them indefensible. Read more at Read more at…

Personal privacy,defending ones self,defending private property...three of many things that seem to be heading toward the endangered list,not just in the four decades Ive been alive,but in the past decade alone...

Dean S. Troy on

And stripping down to a man thong at their national convention because that's what grown up sensible people do when they want to govern the American people to greatness.