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Christmas Eve Battle of the Bulge, 99th Infantry Division

1861 fashion plate. Let us take a first-person moment, and ogle it just like our ancestresses. O_o

M1917 .30 Cal. U.S. Machine Gunners during the Battle of the Bulge - December 1944

American paratroopers after jumping into southern France near Le Muy in Operation DRAGOON, Aug. 15, 1944.

(6/12) Allied soldiers are taken prisoner after the Dieppe Raid, 19 August 1942.

from The Atlantic

World War II: Women at War

Margaret Bourke-White was hired as the first female photojournalist for Life Magazine in 1935. She was the first female war correspondent and the first woman allowed to work in combat zones during WWII, documenting the atrocities of the death camps.

Vice Admiral H. Kent Hewitt (right), who commanded American naval forces during the invasions of Morocco, Sicily, and Salerno, on the deck o...

from Getty Images

Firefighting During The Blitz

A member of the Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS) takes a call during a night of bombing during the Blitz, London, 1941. Original publication: Picture Post - 587 - Fire-Fighters! - pub. 1st February 1941 (Photo by Bert Hardy/Picture Post/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)