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The 20 Best Pieces of Advice for 21-Year-Olds

“Don't waste your time trying to get someone to like you. Focus on surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good the way you are.” says Anna Breslaw, Sex and Relationships Writer for

8 Ways to End an Unhealthy Friendship — Gracefully

If you’re truly convinced that the friendship is dragging you down, these 8 tips will help you break it off the right way. #ambassador

This is probably the best kind of prank…

36 Motivational Quotes About Moving On

You have to get hurt. That’s how you learn. The strongest people out there, the ones who laugh the hardest with a genuine smile, those are the people who have fought the toughest battles. Because they’ve decided that they’re not going to let anything hold them down, they’re showing the world who’s the boss.

8 Reasons Why Being a Single Lady Is Especially Awesome Around the Holidays

What's The Best Way To Apologize? Here's The Science Behind Effective Apologies