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Why One Man Traveled Almost 3,000 Miles To Take On The Federal Government At A Ranch In Nevada

You Won’t Believe What Country Has Finally Had Enough With Illegal Muslims And Is Kicking them Out They saw the chance to start to win back their country and immediately grabbed it DR. KEVIN "COACH" COLLINS — JUNE 6, 2014 …what is happening in France and elsewhere in Europe will make no impression on John Boehner and Paul Ryan… / But it might make a TREMENDOUS IMPRESSION on the / FRENCH / EUROPEANS / AMERICANS /.

Not a happy Camp Delta-er We haven't heard from Rep. Darrell Issa much since he got the Benghazi knocked out of him a while back, but he's determined to get his snarling face on the TV news from time to time so he can warn us of the latest danger that the president of the

Progressive Party (Republicans = Democrats) Treason is business as usual here in the US...It's time to stop with the lies already, but of course they won't stop. One of the greatest deceptions in American history is well under way and is a smashing success for the leftist socialists who currently control our government.

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British family discovers one-metre-wide wasp nest while renovating

If Obamacare is allowed to continue as it was designed, it will eventually contribute to the complete economic collapse of the U.S. economy.

Fox’s Ben Carson: ‘Women need to be re-educated so they don’t get all riled up about abortion.’ In a highlight from the Value Voters Summit, newly hired Fox News contributor Dr. Ben Carson said on Friday that the country may need to “re-educate the women” so that they stop having abortions. OK, that sounds really creepy—not to mention reminiscent of Mao, Pol Pot, and a Margaret Atwood novel to us. Re-education camps. For women. So that they have babies.