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اللون الأزرق الباهت والسماوي منه يعبر عن نبل الأخلاق والمثالية في التقوى ، ويشير الأزرق الناصع إلى الإخلاص والوفاء . واللون الأزرق هو لون الصفاء والهدوء ويناسب كثيرا غرف النوم وأماكن الراحة لأنه يق…

If you see something beautiful in somone, speak it. - Ruthie Lindsey @youaregalaxies #youaregalaxies #beautiful #words #quote

You have complete control of your thoughts. When you go down a negative path, you can jump right off of it with positive thoughts. Focus on those and you feel better instantly.

Het is bijna weer Moederdag, een speciale dag voor alle moeders op de wereld. Op deze dag worden alle moeders in het zonnetje gezet. En terecht vind ik, want moeder zijn is niet altijd even gemakke…

الوعى بالأمراض الجسدية وأسبابها النفسية بأنعكاسها على الروح

Paulo Coelho: He is the best, he is the one who is transforming the world. Whoever reads his books has his or her life changed forever. - Pilar, Spain

I do believe in angels. For anyone who reads this I know you will be blessed. Take each day at a time. Look at little thing in life around you. Someone smiled at you today. A man open a door for you. Then you will see angel in people around you. Jade

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