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Saying goodbye to the gang from Thermon. Heading back home this weekend for almost two weeks. #jaridpj #jdni #vagabond

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22 Healthy College Recipes You Can Make in Your Dorm Room

Healthy Dorm Room Recipes — Say goodbye to the freshman fifteen!

Say goodbye to store bought canned meals in a jar and start making your own for less money, superior quality, and regain control over how your food is made!

Been there done that..Its good.

Calling all dog lovers: Say goodbye to bags of dog food sitting out in your kitchen or pantry. With this revolutionary organizer from Schrock, feeding your pet has never been easier.

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Crispy Paprika Oven Baked Fries

This Crispy Paprika Oven Baked Fries is both crispy and smoky - isn't that awesome?!


Gluten free foods. #glutenfree

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If you have type II Diabetes then it's time to say goodbye to fried foods. The breading on most fried food is full of carbohydrates, typically has sugar added to it, and soaks up unhealthy oils. You really don't want to be ingesting any of these unhealthy things. Diabetics should keep their water intake high, so take a bottle with you to save some money at the mall. You'll find water fountains in most... FULL ARTICLE @

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Homemade Canned Spaghetti Sauce

Homemade Spaghetti Sauce used July 31, 2013. Judging by my husbands expression and sigh after tasting it, I am going to say it is heavenly lol.

"To Louisa, food was a means of expression. She offered comfort and gave pleasure with food. She used it to say hello, to extend friendship, or sympathy, to show thanks, or to say goodbye. Food was more than just nutrition for the body. It was creativity, alchemy, magic."--The Creaking Tree (Marquette)