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- 10 Minute Hair Removal! - Ingredients - ✔️sugar ✔️honey ✔️lemon - Instructions - 1⃣Mix all ingredients together. 2⃣Apply to a 1-2 inch section of your body (wherever you would like to remove the hair). 3⃣Place a strip of a towel on top of the mixture. 4⃣Let the towel sit for 1-3 minutes, and then in one quick motion, rip off the towel.

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For those with fine and delicate hair, it can be a struggle to keep hair looking healthy and vibrant. Fortunately, we’ve discovered a recipe for a gelatin hair mask that takes advantage of the smaller proteins found in gelatin to strengthen hair – making it sleek, smooth, and strong! Enjoy the easy-to-follow directions with a …

Is Toner Really Necessary?

We all know the mantra: cleanse, tone and moisturize. And while removing all traces of makeup and other impurities from the skin and apply moisturizer to keep skin soft, smooth, hydrated and healthy are both very important steps in a beauty routine that one should never skip, is using a toner really that necessary as …