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10 simple ways to connect with your child. Each week for the next ten weeks, I’ll be sharing one simple idea that you can implement right now, to foster a more connected relationship with your child. Each post will take less than 5 minutes to read and they will be simple enough to do even on the busiest days. My hope is that by the end of the ten weeks, we will be more present for our children and more mindful of the type of parent we want to be. Will you join me?

50 Ways to Connect with Sons (Through Activities Mama Enjoys, Too

A list of activities that mothers of boys can enjoy; easy ways to connect with sons.

Biophilic My collection is inspired by the futuristic perspective where human and nature try to reconnect in a contemporary urban environment. It tells the story of a city that changes through reflexive natural influences. These days the modern buildings in cities are known for their hard materials and strong lines. These cities estrange more and more from nature. Futuristic architecture is searching to regain, balance between modern cities and nature.