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Don't waste precious energy and time waiting for someone else's money, the universe has enough to go around. I see amazing people unable to access their full creativity or living to the fullest because they are so attached to inheritance. It's a ball and chain. Live now, be free, love whatever comes your way! X

"Grace is pouring on all alike." Can you tell I love Ramdas? What a perfect point. It's not that there's Grace only for good people, or special people. It's that Grace is all that is, it's the air we breathe, we all have equal access to Grace and it's benefits, yet the key is we have to be open to letting it in and most of us are not. The experience of Self, of God, of consciousness is there present in each moment, each situation, but whether or not we experience it or are aware of it is…

There is no better way to begin being proactive with your abundance karma and mindset than with a heart warming, soul connecting ceremony of light and ancient mantras to mark a new journey into all things abundant and beautiful. A puja is an ancient prosperity invocation and I am choosing the divine feminine principle of all things abundant – material and spiritual, the Goddess Lakshmi. Offer all your prayers wishes to her, then let the universe go to work on your behalf. Book…

Monday God Vibe Stuff. That's my new idea for high vibe words for hi vibe people starting a new week. Begin with a good intention and hand it straight over to God or universe or whatever your particular thing is. Peace baby. x PLEASE SHARE! X

Free will is purely our decision-making ability. We can choose how we respond to things and we can choose to bring some fun, creativity and spunk to our life experience. Remember that very act of creation is pure creativity, pure Spanda...the divine pulse of the universe, so by being creative, you are in fact imbibing and using the power of spirit in the best way.

Life is for living and bringing our sparkle out of hiding. Don't let anyone tell you how to do it, choose how you want your life to go then give it your best shot knowing that the universe supports people who sparkle #livefromtheheart #goodvibe #spanda #spandawoman #spandaliving #freedomlovecoach #weekend

Hey there x It's been quite an intense week for so many people, especially for spiritually oriented beings, healers and the more energetically sensitive to lots of shifts in cosmic energy with the new moon etc. Of course it's all good and issues came up that helped us see what areas of ourselves we need to work on. Please accept my wish to hit you with some love and healing energy. Put you in my prayers to the universe with the help of my angelic posse....I must find a name for them...X

Hi my darling, give up being normal. It's so stressful and no fun. The true you can't come out if you're trying to be normal or fit in. Get your groove on! Be what is deep down inside of you itching to come out. If it costs you relationships, then I'd look at the use of those relationships. Be strong, be you, be out there and be honest with yourself. Are you really, really happy? Does trying to be 'normal' help in anyway other than to fit in? And we fit in why? For approval and security

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