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Lululemon All The Right Places Crop ll

Lululemon All The Right Places Crop ll Worn and washed once to realize I got the wrong size and it's too late to return. Perfect condition no pilling or wear. So upset because I love these, but they're just a size big on me. They have pockets on both legs. Size 10 black. lululemon athletica Pants Leggings

Why can people not see that my son has feelings? Just because he is different, has behaviors that are not pleasing to you, doesn't mean he doesn't have feelings! Why don't you take the time to teach your children how to play with a special child? You say, "my son wants the other neighbor boys to come home so he can play." Do you see my child right in front of you?? What is wrong with him? Why can he not play with your child? My entire neighborhood is BLIND and SELFISH even the PARENTS…

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As a girl, I agree with this guy.

Just remember that the vast majority of violence against women AND MEN is perpetuated by men, but abusing someone NO MATTER YOUR GENDER is not okay, and it's DEFINITELY not okay for WOMEN to abuse men either.

I would have rather never knew she was out there, then spend the rest of my life knowing what I once had but can never have again!!!

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60 Sad Yet Oddly Satisfying Love Quotes In Images

Just because I let you go, doesn’t mean I wanted too.

Ended my day off right but also wrong at the same time because I shouldn't be eating this unhealthy but it's my birthday week so it's ok! I had coffee with blossom and organized my schedule and now I'm going to bed. Again, sorry for only getting a few photos, I just forget throughout the day but I'll try to be better. Good night:)

THIS ONE'S FOR YOU!!! 👍🏻☕️👊🏼So - it's just another Thursday, right? Wrong! Guys - it's National Coffee Day ☕️ if we weren't going to have a cup regardless☺️So today - let's cheers to our differences. We may have coffee in common - but we all need that caffeine for a different reason, right? To the moms who need fuel as their 20 month olds go through sleep regression (🙋🏻). To the students who stayed up late studying for an exam. For the ones who stayed up far too la

Review: Unsuitable Unsuitable by Samantha Towle My rating: 5 of 5 stars Samantha Towle went a little WICKED and gives us a riveting story in Unsuitable!! OMG!! I just could not put this book down Daisy and Kas Holy Hell!! What a pair! Right from the start you get to meet Daisy Smith a tough young woman who is doing her best for her and her brother with the horrible cards that they have been dealt in life. As she is barely keeping their heads above water a too good to be true job brings…

"I got that open road, the heavy steel. This Rebel soul is hard to kill, so tell the law to come and get me! On a steel horse riding through the dirt of Sin City. I got to wind on my face and hell on my heels, it's the Devil deep inside that I just can't kill. It's that good man I just can't be, there's nothing left in the mirror but a trace of me. Just living my life. Mama taught me wrong from right. No apologies, I'm alright... living free. It's just the Outlaw in me." #TheLacs #Crucifix…