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Maiko. #japan #geisha #kimono #kyoto

September 2016: Young Maiko Kikusana (Hanafusa Okiya) of Miyagawacho at a temple. Source: Gaap on Photohito

“Brean Sprouts”. Silk kimono created by Uemura Beikasame. Winner of the Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Minister’s Award at the 31st Annual Meeting of the Japanese textile artist Exhibition award . Japan

Not only do modern kimono warriors shun white undercollars & sox, they sometimes even layer on frilly Western pieces to add a little spice.

Striped furisode with green hakama-Yes, please!

I need to find a tutorial for this style Hakama....this isn't it.

Collar of kimono. Hand embroidery. 手刺繍半襟 可憐