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Made of 100% woven cotten DUKAL offers a highly absorbent sponge which is ideal for a number of applications. Available in Sterile and Non Sterile our high quality sponges can be used for general cleaning, dressings, prepping, packing and debriding wounds.

Everything you could need in a medical emergency except the ER itself. Elite orange master first aid kit on budk

Emergency Bandage. It combines a sterile dressing, elastic wrap and a pressure bar to make a fast and easy to use trauma bandage. The long tail can be configured in various ways to hold the bandage in place or to immobilize the limb, plus it can be configured in to an improvised tourniquet. $11.00

An amazing new product to treat bleeding. It is a boom to Combat Medics and Civilian Fist Responders. It stops bleeding in wounds. Click on the picture, go to the site, and see this invention. revmedx| medical products| wilsonville | XStat

Description Civilian VFAK (Vehicle First Aid Kit)Contents:VFAK Case(1)Hand Sanitizer, Small (1)Pain Reliever Tablets in box/bottle(1)Antibiotic Cream Tube (1)Moleskin (1)Ice Pack(1)3" Ace Elastic Bandage(1)6" Ace Elastic Bandage(1)Trauma Dressing [Israeli] (2)1" Tape Roll(1)First Aid Book(1)Eye Pad(1), Hemostats(1)Safety Scissors(1)Abdominal Pad 5"x9"(3)Casualty Blanket 84"x52"(1)Knuckle Bandage(6)Antiseptic Wipes(10)Burn Aid Pack(1)Butterfly Strips(5)2"x4" Bandage Strip(5)Pair of Exam…

What Is Your Body Trying To Tell You? Our bodies are amazing at showing little signs to alert us that there are imbalances that need to be taken care of. Take a moment, really listen to your body!

Tactical professionals know that excessive equipment only gets in the way in an emergency. With that in mind, the Trauma Pak with QuikClot® is designed to stop bleeding and control serious trauma at the scene so more advanced care can be sought later. Packed in a tough, waterproof pouch sized to fit in any pocket, the Trauma Pak with QuikClot® is easy to deploy: just rip the top off, pull out the QuikClot® dressing to apply to any life-threatening bleeding, and use the other bandages and ...