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The 7 comics below show how dark it can be inside the mind of a depression sufferer and the brave face they feel they have to put on day after day. The comics

Heartbreak. I saw this and melted. So much said in so few words. If we could only, just put it away until the hurting stops.

love lost depression sad suicide alone hate broken feelings ok miss i am selfhate asking-the-death

After 6 long months of trying to get my disabled brother's meds distributed in the ADOC, it is finally happening!!! Over 120 calls, 25 emails and a dozen letters. Unbelievable accomplishment, should have been a no brainer! Relieved!!!!! Thank you Jesus!

Hey, my name is Orion and I'm 26 years old. My life is full of traveling, trying new food and meeting interesting people or.. it should be like this. I love art, fashion, films and watching the stars. Welcome to my world pal..