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My Recipe for Starbucks Skinny Peppermint Mocha! It’s a hot, minty, chocolate, coffee treat! Each (12oz) drink has 90 calories, 1g fat & 3 Weight Watchers SmartPoints. http://www.skinnykitchen.com/recipes/my-recipe-for-starbucks-skinny-peppermint-mocha/

Easy Garlic Cheese Bombs Recipe - biscuit bombs filled with gooey mozzarella, brushed with garlic Ranch butter and baked into perfection. Easy, fast and absolutely addicting!

Peaches add sweet, mellow roundness to traditional lemonade for a refreshing summertime beverage. Stir in white rum or bourbon for grown-ups.

I've finally found THE PERFECT way to organize my recipes, so that I can always find what I need and I have no more random recipes from magazines, cookbooks, websites, and random paper everywhere.

Avocado Pesto? Yes please! Check out my recipe for a delicious and creamy avocado pesto. It's vegan and gluten free too!

Peanut Butter Banana Protein Muffins, an easy flour-less gluten free breakfast! These easy muffins are packed with healthy ingredients, the perfect way to start your day!

Download a free printable that shows you how to make 20 crockpot freezer meals for two people. It includes a grocery list, recipes, and printable freezer labels.

5 Minute Pizza Sauce - More like 1 minute pizza sauce. Tasted amazing. I used a 28 oz can and just doubled the seasonings. Made enough sauce for two pizzas and a cup or so left over. Next time, maybe add some sugar.

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