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Family motto.  Let's them know mistakes are okay, but we always want to learn from them.

I like this - It's a great classroom motto! It reminds students to go back through and take the time to fix errors.

on being an effective teacher

Let us Break Bread together on our knees….

Uh...hum...throat clear... @Melanie Mikulenka ;)

Very related to our discussion of panoptic use of social media and how we make things like "stalking" socially acceptable within certain context-Joan

@Lielanie Villanueva cuz she always says how messy her place is. I told her "as long as you have a path from one room to the other, you're still ok"

Instead of cleaning my house I just watch an episode of hoarders and think wow my house looks great!

Screen generations!!

"I love my computer because my friends live in it" Social media humor