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Photo by Charles Alsheimer We’re a handful of days away from the majority of does coming into heat, and there isn’t a buck in the herd that doesn’t get this up, down, and sideways. Also, we’ve flipped the calendar to November, which—if you have any fade at all in your camo—you know means the start of all good things in whitetail hunting. So summon all your energy for some hard hunting and hours in the timber. Here are your plans for the day.

Odd. Yes, you have to wonder about what chemicals are in the area. I wouldn't eat it if it were hunted down. Could be a genetic anamoli, but take no chances.

from Realtree

Photo Gallery: From Buttons to Booner

this is a really nice buck so would love to... SEE, SHOOT, GUT, SKIN, EAT, AND MOUNT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOULDN'T EVERYONE LOL