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The Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus) is an adaptable bird with a vast range. It is sometimes called the Tiger Owl, Hoot Owls, Cat Owls or Winged Tigers. It was first seen in the Virginia colonies and it got its species name “virginianus” from the Latinized form of the colonies’ name. This owl is the heaviest owl in Central and South America and the second heaviest owl in North America.

The Great Horned Owl - Great story starter. The huge owl's yellow eyes pierced the dusk as he turned and spotted.

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They're still babies. Look at the body language: Altia, a 7 week old Siberian Eagle Owl, the largest species of owl in the world meets Powys, a 5 week old Little Owl. The pair are being raised at The Scottish Owl Centre in Scotland’s central belt.

This owl has a deepness about him or her

If I had my way, every picture in our house would be black and white.and owl. Such a cool picture!

celtic-forest-faerie: “{Great Horned White} by {Jnevitt} ”

for the past few autumns, there has been a Great Horned Owl up in the tree in my backyard. I am totally fascinated with this bird. Hoots at all hours of the night. The first time I saw him, I thought it was a cat way up in the tree.


Eagle Owl Eyes by Allard Schager, via - And what deep thoughts are behind those amber eyes, deep in concentration? Now I see what owls have been associated with wisdom.

What was I even doing?...getting a little too carried away with my music? I do that sometimes...but I'm kinda exhausted today so I don't think I did...and even if I did can they not just do what they came there to do? This is not a sideshow...though I do acknowledge that it may or may not look like one....I almost fell off that thing...twice...but I don't think it was too noticeable. I don't know maybe they were just waiting to see if my lifeless body would need an ambulance or…

Little Owl juvenile.one of the reasons we like them so much, is that they look more like us than any other bird.

Great Horned Owl Family Portrait, by Daniel Cadieux

Great Horned Owl Family Portrait, by Daniel Cadieux The Great Horned Owl, also known as the Tiger Owl, is a large owl native to the Americas. It is an adaptable bird with a vast range and is the most widely distributed true owl in the Americas