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I took a slight look back on my night guardian sisters “humanoid” form and really wanted to redo them a bit, even thought it’s only been two or three months (and chances are they’ll probably change...

Slowly drawing a loaded pistol from the leather hostel that was strapped around her left leg, Abby switched the safety off and pressed her body up against the side of the booth. I’m ready, she told herself determinedly, grinding her teeth in anticipation of the awaited ambush. They can have the joy of killing me, but they won’t have the satisfaction of seeing my fear.

I know this is at a war but the grief on this mans face and the reactions of his friends reminds of when Ridge dies. Of how Steal would've reacted. Yelling and trying to go after him but Cooper pulling back, to keep Steal safe.

**CLICK HERE to get many more literary elements teaching resources: PowerPoint Presentations, Informational Handouts, Worksheets and Lesson Plans!** CONTENTS FOCUSING ON CHARACTERS This worksheet is intended to be a ‘character log’. It contains boxes for students to make notes on various characters in a literary work, prompting them to think about descriptions of characters, important quotes, how other characters respond to them, etc.

Today I want to talk about a subject that I haven’t really addressed much before: Bad Guys. And there’s a reason for that, because for a long time, I struggled with creating good antagonists for my stories. They were weak, and weak villains make for weak plots. It’s not easy to write a gripping novel […]