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Amb. 317b.2° Folio 46 verso "the brother sits at his work table and edit on anvil with the hammer the buckle of a belt. on the table are his tools ready: the crescent-shaped Paper cutters, pliers and inexpensive, next to him is another plant unit with a second anvil. Rear hanging on the wall down finished belt."

Industrial electrician tool kit Lineman’s Pliers: Heavy duty pliers for general use in bending, cutting, crimping and pulling wire Side Cutters: Used on smaller wires or to cut tie wraps Cable Cutters: More powerful than regular pliers used to cut large conductors and smaller cable Crimping Pliers: Used to install butt splices and stakons Vice Grips: Comes in handy as an extra grip support Wire Strippers: Available in many different sizes used to strip the insulation from the wire without…

Amb. 317b.2° Folio 9 recto "the brother sits at his work table and polishes on the anvil of a needle. are willing needles, a venal and two small hammers. in the wall niche of the open chamber is a vase, on the ceiling hangs a stuffed bird. "

Amb. 317b.2° Folio 58 verso "the brother is wearing a long orange robe, sits at his work table and tampered with needles; in his right hand he holds a venal. on the table are a hammer, a bowl and needles stuck in the wall bracket inexpensive and hammer. the actual production process is not subject of the picture." "the brother sits at his low table and hits with a hammer on the anvil, the metal staples on the laces tight. finished nestelbünde lie on the table and on the ground, in a commodity-basket. right is a large basket, on the wall in the background, are three animal pelts on a rod."

Amb. 317b.2° Folio 28 recto "the brother sits at his work table and worked with a rasp, a needle, which he holds with the tongs. ready are a hammer, a small anvil, three needles hallmark and finished. in the background on the wall stuck in the holder a more rasp, two hallmark, a hammer and a small anvil."