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Al, Labrador Retriever (4 y/o; Seeing Eye dog), Greenwich Village, New York, NY • "Someone once said he should get a medal. I said, 'He can't eat a medal, how about a box of cookies?'" • For more about Lloyd and Al, check out Lloyd's book, 'Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan', link in bio.

Skip, Labrador Retriever (3 y/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • "He's three, going on one."

Albie Labrador Retriever (3 y/o) 21st & 8th Ave. New York NY "He was raised in a prison to be a service dog. He went to a veteran but he ended up not being able to handle him. Now he's with me." by: @thedogist

Sella Irish Setter (4 y/o) 20th & 5th Ave. New York NY "She's from Italy." by: @thedogist