awesome The world is a book those who do not travel read only one page – iPhone 4 / 4s /4G – hard snap on plastic case – Inspirational and motivational life quotes

Books may well be the only true magic. Check out other inspirational book quotes that all readers will relate to.

The Sisters Grimm Series by Michael Buckley- I read the first 3 books of this series. They were really good :)

7 Fantasy Series to Read if You Love Game of Thrones. - I already read the Patrick Rothfuss books (AMAZING! but, this is a bit misleading. the 3rd book isn't out yet...the 3rd book pictured is a novella about a minor character), and I already had another series on my list to find...

I'm not quite sure why everyone keeps saying this. There are SIX books in The Court series. Plus 2 novellas. We're on Book 3. So everyone take a deep breathe. We still have a few years before it ends.

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