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This cooperative game follows the same procedures and objectives as the original Place Value Top It!, game (also available in my store, but offers opportunity for students to practice reading and writing whole numbers and decimals to the thousandths place.

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Place Value (Dog Gone Place Value)

Place Value

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Christmas Place Value Math Center Games

Fern Smith's Christmas Bears Place Value Race Game! $

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Place Value Practice for the Intermediate Grades

This student-made, interactive place value chart and practice mat provide a visual opportunity for 4th and 5th grade students to read and write numbers from the thousandths place to the ten millions place. It was developed to extend student ability who have mastered place value of ones, tens, hundreds and thousands using Base Ten manipulatives and place value mats.

Place value anchor chart | Place Value | Pinterest

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Practicing Place Value

Here are two different game boards for enhancing place value understanding.


Teaching Place Value

Place value anchor chart and activities

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Decimals, Fractions, Place Value & Money: Making Connections to Learn

Decimals, Fractions, Place Value & Money: Making Connections Place Value, Decimal, Fraction & Money Matrix These pages include cards to use as a full class to create a matrix including coins & bills, decimals, fraction, place value, and money in written form. I personally like to do this activity by putting magnets on the back of each card and having students lay out the cards in a given category one at a time on a large white board. Also includes student cards & games!

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Decimal Place Value "War" card game center and worksheets

An engaging partner game for building fluency with decimal place value. Students will compare between numbers with decimals and decide which has the greater value.9 Unique sets of decimal place value cards with varying skill levels:9 Unique sets of cards with varying skill levels:Decimal Place value to the tenths placeDecimal Place value to the hundredths placeDecimal Place value to the thousandths placePrint 2-4 copies of each set to make a deck.

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A Place Value Story

Help students understand the concept of place value with this easy-to-understand story! Follow the families as they move from the Ones House to the...