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Yupppp, you probably check my Facebook too. Stalk away. Everything is private. Ha. This will soon be deleted too. Can't have no privacy. ;) Stalkers stalking from other's people's pages. Hahahaha. Pathetic.

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Daniel Henney (Korean Actor)

Daniel Henney His hair is up on one side and kind of down on another. That's unique!

Kelly: “Hi.”Gibbs: “… Hi.”Kelly: “You look kind of lost.”Gibbs: “I do? Well, you look pretty smart.”Kelly: “My mom said we should help.”Gibbs: “Where’s your mom?”Kelly: “She’s over there. Come on, I’ll take you to her.”Gibbs: “… This little girl belong to you?”Shannon: “Yep… Belongs to you, too, I think.”Kelly: “Come on, Daddy. Sit.”Shannon: “We’ve been waiting for you.”~ 9x14 “Life Before His Eyes”

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The 30 Best Chick Flicks Of All Time

The 30 Best Chick Flicks Of All Time - sick of leaving empty handed at the library! If I can sit thru a movie, there r a few on here I want to watch again