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Front row: Clive Swift (as Richard Bucket), Patricia Routledge (as Hyacinth Bucket) Back Row: Geoffrey Hughes (as Onslow), Judy Cornwell (as Daisy) and Mary Millar (as Rose)

What has happened to Johnny Depp?

Johnny Depp looked notably different as he joined Amber Heard at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of Black Mass on Monday

Yupppp, you probably check my Facebook too. Stalk away. Everything is private. Ha. This will soon be deleted too. Can't have no privacy. ;) Stalkers stalking from other's people's pages. Hahahaha. Pathetic.

Kelly: “Hi.”Gibbs: “… Hi.”Kelly: “You look kind of lost.”Gibbs: “I do? Well, you look pretty smart.”Kelly: “My mom said we should help.”Gibbs: “Where’s your mom?”Kelly: “She’s over there. Come on, I’ll take you to her.”Gibbs: “… This little girl belong to you?”Shannon: “Yep… Belongs to you, too, I think.”Kelly: “Come on, Daddy. Sit.”Shannon: “We’ve been waiting for you.”~ 9x14 “Life Before His Eyes”