Explore Cold Front, Clouds and more!

Hate Winter when... a cold front hits!

Hate Winter when. a cold front hits!

World War Two summed up by Facebook

World War Two summed up by Facebook

Not quite sure what I expected…

Not quite sure what I expected…

The Barbasol shaving cream. Used for shaving and transporting dinosaur embryos!

Teachers don't get enough credit. They're the reason why I can caption my pins with mostly correct grammar.

That is right we only get paid for the time we work. Yet we still work unpaid after school, before school, vacations, and yes! In the summer.

over eager to volunteer

Waving your hand, snapping, or other exaggerated gestures WILL NOT make me call on you!

"The darkest thing about Africa has always been our ignorance of it." -- George Kimble // this map illustrates exactly how large Africa is compared to some of the world's largest countries and regions.

Funny pictures about Africa in perspective. Oh, and cool pics about Africa in perspective. Also, Africa in perspective photos.

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If 7 Billion People Lived Like… Tim de Chant has created a great infographic that shows the ecological footprint that would be used if the whole world’s population (estimated at 7 billion) lived like the inhabitants of various countries.