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SanKalahari_20090607_028 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Mother and child. ( Their facial features are just beautiful...I can see different cultures ..can you?)

The Bushmen people, for the most part, are short in stature, a lighter brown/golden skin tone, very strong Asian features, face and epicanthic eye fold. The Bushmen, (perjoratively called the San people) are the oldest representative of humans according to Oral tradition - they are the ancestors of Asians, Europeans, Black Africans, etc. The San (Bushmen) hold the oldest DNA markers, going back nearly 200,000 years. Here are a few photos of what the Khoisan or Bushmen people look like.

KAMBERG, SOUTH AFRICA - AUGUST 16: Bushmen, or San, cave art... #sannicolodega: KAMBERG, SOUTH AFRICA - AUGUST 16: Bushmen,… #sannicolodega