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Mercury trine Jupiter optimism and good news. Thursday 8:27 am LA, 11:27 NY, 4:27 pm UK, Friday 1:27 am SYD.

Mercury trine Pluto in the natal chart gives a deep and inquisitive intellect. Your powerfully penetrating mind, focus and determination allow your to hone a particular skills and become an expert in your chosen field. You may be very competitive about serious matters but this does not affect your social life. Friends are important to you but you …

Facebook0Google+1TwitterPinterest01Venus sextile Jupiter in the natal chart makes you a warm, generous and loving person. This is one of the best natal aspects to have because it brings popularity, good fortune and true love. Good looks are one of your many blessing but you are also nice on the inside. Despite what you may read elsewhere, …

Sun trine Neptune caring sensitive new age guy. 1:16 am LA, 4:16 am NY, 8:16 am UK, 1:46 pm DL, 6:16 pm SYD.

Moon square Uranus can cause rapid mood swings and impulsive reactions. 10:19 am LA, 1:19 pm NY, 6:19 pm UK, 3:19 am SYD.

Venus conjunct Jupiter love and money, harmony and happiness. 3:28 pm LA, 6:28 pm NY, 11:28 pm UK, 3:58 am DL, 8:28 am SYD.