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Sun trine Neptune natural highs. 4 am LA, 7 am NY, 1 pm UK, 4:30 am IND, 9 pm IND.

Mercury sextile Jupiter plan your future. 2:05 am LA, 5:05 am NY, 10:05 am UK, 2:35 pm IND, 7:05 pm SYD.

Mars trine Uranus in the natal chart gives a strong desire for independence. You need the freedom to act on your instincts and go in your own direction without restraint. Your instincts are very strong and usually correct. When young however, rash actions may leave you vulnerable to criticism, but usually your daring and direct approach …

Mercury trine Jupiter optimism and good news. Thursday 8:27 am LA, 11:27 NY, 4:27 pm UK, Friday 1:27 am SYD.

Sun conjunct Saturn in the natal chart often shows as a difficult childhood as Saturn represents restriction, and as both Sun and Saturn can represent the father, these difficulties often stem from some relationship issue involving the male parent. Other Saturn characteristics that may be expressed in the identity are shyness, depression or being too critical of …

Why Mercury in Retrograde is a Good Thing

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