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Драконы Швейцарии - Георгий Победоносец

This is the infamous giant footprint found in South Africa. It is approximately 5' tall and it's embedded in granite! It's estimated to be 200 Million years old. Wow.:

The ancient city of Jericho is the world’s oldest walled city, with evidence of stone fortifications dating back nearly 9,000 years; long before the “walls came tumblin’ down” events depicted in the Bible. Archaeological digs have turned up traces of habitation that are even older: up to 11,000 years ago!

Baalbek - Lebanon. Some foundations stones are as much as 1200 tons. Now just how on earth did they move them?

The jail cell of St Peter and Paul before their executions. They baptized fellow prisoners and their guards here. Located underground at the mermitime museum near the roman forum over 2500 years old, it was perhaps originally a sistern. Said to be the place where Paul wrote his letters to the Ephesians. Take a container to take water from the adjacent holy spring, thought to be the source of the baptism water for the jailers.

In 1981 Ron Wyatt excavates near the Golgotha escarpment; where Jesus was cruxified. In 1999, while on his deathbed Ron Wyatt gives a detailed account of the discovery of the Ark of the Covenant at the excavation site.