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I usually shy away from the "don't judge me" quotes, because that phrase has been butchered by society and over-used to the point of its true meaning being distorted. But this's just so true. I've had to say things like this to people before, and finally, someone put it in a way that doesn't sound immature.

from Anxiety Cure

How Judging Others Incorrectly Can Make You Miserable

Don't Judge Me. I was born to be awesome not Perfect | Don't judge me. I was meant to be awesome not perfect.

And I probably couldn't deal with some of the things you've went through so you are you and I am me:)

Some ppl will never understand me or why I have or do the things I've done/do... U couldn't walk a mile in my shoes... Don't judge... I really don't do half the stuff ppl probably think I do but the stuff I do do it's a reason for it no excuse it is what it is ya know

from A Southern Fairytale

This Week in Happiness {Week 19}

My taste in music ranges from "you need to listen to this" to "I know, please don't judge me."

Chris Brown Lyrics Please Don't Judge Me #ChrisBrown #musicLyrics #dontjudge

Before you judge me, make sure you're perfect!

You never know what goes on behind closed doors. Don't judge me until you've walked in my shoes.