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'Kung Fu Panda 3' unveils trailer, villain

No one likes a cheesy, boring villain! Here are 10 cliches to avoid so you can write a villain readers will fear instead of laugh at.

Heroes and Anti-Heroes - What's the difference? This is a really helpful article.

What happens when you strive to create a moral villain who religiously adheres to his twisted moral codes?

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Daily Funny Pictures

Superhero Squirrel!!!! We love this! Our brand is based on a squirrel so thank you for making this! It's Awesome!!!

from Project Nursery

Our Little Superhero's 3rd Birthday Party

Pin the diamond on the superhero party game

from Spaceships and Laser Beams

Boy's Superhero Birthday Party Ideas

haha superhero party game idea that involves parents. LOVE THIS.

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Community Post: Which Awesome Sidekick Are You?

Which Badass Sidekick From A Comic Are You? You got: Robin from “Batman” Classically trained and a natural born leader, people trust you more than they trust themselves. You tend to be overly serious, but that’s just one of many unique traits you seem to have. This is funny because me and Kaitlyn Clebnik are best friends and we always joke that she's Batman and I'm Robin.

The Little Hero AU - Loki's villainy has no end. ("Tony: Baby frostbite is under a sort of magic block as punishment for mass genocide. So now he’s basically putting flies in our soup and drawing with markers on our faces. The occasional body swap too but we basically have it covered. Thor will have him back in his room for lock up soon but for now he’s about as harmless as a normal ten year old. Loki: You die first, Stark.")