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Hey guys! Wow, I really need to put more stuff on here. This is just a doodle I did a while back, and I wanted to see if I could make it into lineart and colorize it. Ta-da! It worked. :) I did doodle a Tucker to go with them, but he wasn’t inked so...

Phil Lester is the cutest human after Madison << awwwwwww i think that's her gf {i think?} so fricken cute

pinkladymage: “ Here it is, my first fanart post~ I love the Star Guardians of League of Legends, and Janna doesn’t get enough love so… Ta da! ^-^ NSFW version available on my Patreon ♥ ”

This is brilliant - a visual guide for craftsmanship. High School level examples would be such a useful visual aid. Primarily Art with Mrs. Depp