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Louis<3 my darling promised us and I trust him

Hugs :) P.S. No offense to 5sos but I like 1D better. Your still good 5sos. We still love you.

.CALUM WHERE ARE YOUUUUU I WANNA GIVE YOU THIS BRACELET<<<news report 5sos is missing parents look at me "what there not in the basement but I wouldn't go down there and if we get a real big tab from any fast food place or pizza place it wasn't me" runs down stairs

Not counting tomorrow bc idk if it's gonna work out but counting my SLFL show I need to see them 2 more times for it to be 10 times I've seen them.

MY BABY SAVES US ONCE AGAIN!!!!! he keeps telling us so plz freaking believe my angel.I mean seriously guys don't u trust our boys ???