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Obama’s Break for Big Business

Obama’s Break for Big Business by Andrew Stiles | National Review

On Fox News Channel’s “Special Report” Monday, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer unleashed a scathing critique of the Obama administration as more and more of the flaws of ObamaCare are brought to the forefront. Krauthammer explained that as we learn many promises of the laws promotion are being left unfulfilled, it is clear a “vast deception” was at play. “That is another truth emerging,” Krauthammer said. “I think what is happening here is not just a

Obama went to the IRS and had the IRS re-write the healthcare law. However, this is unconstitutional. Only Congress can make such changes to law. A lawsuit will be making its way to the Supreme Court soon filed by the state of Oklahoma challenging this illegal power grab by the IRS. Communications director for US Congressman Scott Desjalais (R-TN), Robert Jameson tells, “They made a huge mistake here

Behind All The Scandals Is A Lie So Big That It Could Utterly Destroy Obama. You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality – Ayn Rand Read more at