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She loves fashion shows & luxury jewels. Her class is as high as her heels & shewill always #BeTrue to her lifestyle. She’s Miss Urban Sophisticate.

"Some days I am more wolf than woman and I am still learning how to stop apologizing for my wild" -Nikita Gill

Woman's magazine be like: Page 14: you're beautiful the way you are Page 15: How to lose Weight fast 16: Cake recipePage

...AND Rosie O Donnell started that war! I saw the episode on her talk show when she was making fun of Trump FOR NO REASON BUT TO BE A BULLY.. When he responded back...all of a sudden he became trash talker on ridiculous and not true!! The left will reach for anything for Trump to be stopped...because they know he will help us and not them(them...being whoever is corrupt) !

from His Yes Girls

Sowing Seeds {part two-taming your tongue}

gracious and godly woman

**Has your politically correct liberalism apologized to women??** To consider this woman a role model, you would have to be a moral degenerate yourself.

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The greatest form of charity may be to withhold judgement. Jean B. Bingham. September 2016

The difference between Trump not being politically correct and Bill Clinton being criminally incorrect, and Hillary Clinton covering up the criminal acts, of which in itself is a criminal act. I pick Trump, because I am tired of PC, and I-want-ACTION!!!

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