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She loves fashion shows & luxury jewels. Her class is as high as her heels & shewill always #BeTrue to her lifestyle. She’s Miss Urban Sophisticate.

She doesn’t follow fashion, she makes her own. She truly knows how to #BeTrue & set the trend. She’s Miss Make-A-Statement.

She's intelligent, sassy & determined. She keeps the reality in her goals. She knows how to #BeTrue to herself & her team. She’s The Boss.

If you want to know how to have fun, learn from the girl who will always #BeTrue to it. She steals the spotlight & owns the dance floor. She’s The Party Animal.

She doesn’t need flashy jewels & loud colours. She’s poised, calm & collected. It’s in her nature to #BeTrue to her instincts. She’s Little Miss Confident.

She’s the shy little Miss Goody two shoes. Her innocence & morals are like pearls of wisdom & she will forever #BeTrue to herself. She’s The Girl Next Door.

She’s a lace lover & a pearl girl. She’s the epitome of elegance. She strives to #BeTrue with her love & care. She’s Miss TLC.

She travels the world without the worldly worries getting in her way. She isn’t afraid to try new things & that’s why she’ll always #BeTrue to her diverse jewellery collection! She’s Miss Adventurous.

Fancy art galleries are her sanctuary, intricate ornaments & soulful music are her muse. She lives to #BeTrue to her art so that you can see the world through her eyes. She’s The Artist.

Her colour matched outfits are in the most harmonious sync. She picks her gemstones to win complements & steal second glances. She’s Miss Colour-Me-Rad.