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Holiday Cheer Furry Skunk Ornament

Holiday Cheer Furry Skunk Ornament

Holiday Cheer Furry Deer Ornament

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skunk - we had a baby @ the vet clinic & it was soooo cute, went to the rehabbers :)

so our daughter & son-in-law also had skunk at their farmplace. I asked son-in-law, "how do you get rid of a skunk?

Brushkin Skunk Ornament

Brushkin Skunk Ornament


In the middle of the night Brian was attacked by a skunk. It almost blinded him and stole his turtle eggs.

Swimming skunk !!! - YouTube

Our little lady skunk isis getting a bath. She likes when the water is deep enough so she can swim in one end .

Baby Skunk Original Watercolor Painting.  via Etsy.

Baby Skunk Original Watercolor Painting