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"Wilson you don't even know where your going!" "Careful, Dev, you're starting to sound like you care!" Ali's laugh drifted up before James's chuckle, but it was still James's "she should hear how he talks on our runs, she'd be able to tease him for weeks," that made her smile grow into a grin.

........ They need an emoji that's drooling with eyes glazed over and possibly having a minor stroke.... For these occasions...

Nothing against vegans but I don't think I could be a vegan (or vegetarian for that matter)!

Eat that! Hard to swallow, to bad we been choking on it for 8 years

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 34 Pics

Pop! Games: Twisted Metal The most iconic face from the demolition derby gameTwisted Metal is coming to Pop! vinyl! A psychotic murderous monster that hides behind avicious clown mask, Sweet Tooth features his headof flaming hair and mischievous grin! Add Sweet Tooth to your collection thiswinter and get ready for mayhem! Coming in January!

"come on, do something sexy." "like?" "oh my god, i dunno just take your shirt off or something. give me something to work with" *Person B will take off his shirt and reach for something while blushing. Person A grins thinking it's something hot but nope he just starts eating, okay.*

The Far Side: Our Lights Are On For Your Safety