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cancer daily astrology fact

I've tried telling people I know things without explanation. They don't believe me. Lol

Moon in Cancer Moon in Cancer is happiest when it has a secure,...

aries daily astrology fact

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Cancer mentality.

Zodiac City Cancer the Crab pretty true. Imean, NON AUTISTIC SHERLOCK SORTA!!!!!!!! I think you know my obsession. Hey, maybe Dib from Invader Zim is a cancer...... :) * as I drift off into a happy, wonderful place*

So for me it goes like this...I love you, let's put in a new flower bed, I love you, we should paint this room blue...I love you, do you want more to eat? I love you, do you love me ? Look a baby ! I love you. And repeat. Cancers REALLY, REALLY LOVE OUR HOME AND FAMILY ! Mix in lots of laughter and a few tears and TADA! INSTANT CANCER WOMAN !

~Cancer Always pay attention but sometine people understimate our intelligence

Cancer women have a heart of gold and a strong, motherly instinct to take care of people.