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This DOG - ID#A468877 - URGENT - Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas - ADOPT OR FOSTER - 1 year old Male Pit Bull Terrier - at the shelter since Sep 22, 2016.

pit bull puppies are born innocent like every other dog on earth. Their "vicious" behavior does not exist at is taught and is an exploitation of their loyal and devoted nature. People are the problem.

Absolute truth. ❤ End BSL, dog fighting, cruelty to animals and ignorance. Bless those who rescue the innocent.Pit Bulls.

So misunderstood; my husband loves pittbulls so much!

So true!!! Pit Bull's are NOT bad dogs ... read up on their history folks, & the many amazing uses their breed was used for before the stigma set in. Bad dogs aren't born, they're made (or overbred & suffer from birth defects) just like any other breed.

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Save a Pit Bull - Be Committed To Adoption & The Breed

Pit bulls

BSL is just not right! god this made me cry !!!! totally love this !!!

Jackson is a gorgeous male Pit mix. He's between two and three years old and knows the sit and down command so far.