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Inspiring ideas for decorating kids bedrooms and playrooms with fun wall stickers.

from A Baby on Board blog

25 things I had *no* idea about, before babies

25 things about babies no-one ever tells you about during pregnancy - all the secrets about newborns you need to know! Make sure you read this list if you're about to become a parent

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Ideias para decorar as paredes do quarto de bebê e crianças

cute kid's bedroom + map wallpaper #decor #quartos #bedrooms

from Zena's Suitcase

I Was Not Prepared For How Much My Children Fight

I Was Not Prepared For How Much My Children Fight. Parenting small children. Dealing with fighting and sibling rivalry.

If we build the mug room porch we should do this to one wall.

from Barbie Bieber and Beyond

When Your Life Starts Resembling That Of A Teenage Girl

Is That All There Is?.......Are you often left contemplating the meaning of life and just that all there is?

How to successfully apply vinyl wall stickers to any surface.

What if kid's clothes were labeled the same?-we all know how it is: All 3T's are not created equal.

Tips on how to remove vinyl wall stckers

from KiddyCharts

Parenting podcast: Could you win at a game of blog or dog?

Do you have a favourite parenting podcast? Do you know any kids podcasts at all! Well if you haven't listened to scummy mummies podcast, well get on over there now and take a look - KiddyCharts were on the show and had a ball. Two very funny ladies, Ellie and Helen produce the check it out.