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"Arclid Landmark" from Hare Hill Shire & Clydesdale. An unusually colored Clydesdale stallion. Most people are used to seeing bays, but they also come in black and some other colors.

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#Percheron #horse so beautiful and #BIG they are used for the big farm work, pull the sleigh, buckboards or hay.

American Belgian draft stallion. Leggier and lighter-looking if not always lighter weight, than the classic Brabant. Most are pangaré flaxen chestnut while most European horses are bay and roan. This popular draft breed may have significant Flemish draft horse heritage. The Flemish horse is another Belgian draft breed that is flaxen chestnut and leggy. photo: Mark Barrett.

Desert Jewel SD Farm's Blackjack, Blue Roan Gypsy Cob. Lovely kind eye on him.

Brabant, or Belgian Trekpaard, stallion Branco. Roans are quite common, as are solid colors. The Belgian Draft Horse of the US is more likely descended from the Flemish Horse and is flaxen chestnut in color. photo: Ton van der Weede.

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