A Little Free Library on the edge of the sidewalk with a bench next to it so kids/adults can sit down and read for a spell. YES!!

Although the number of guys visiting libraries has plummeted in recent years thanks to the availability of hot librarian pics on the Internet, a new public art project aims to bring back book-lending's wholesome, community-building roots. Little Free Library facilitates paperback-based neighborly bonding by encouraging people to post a wooden box in a public space, fill it with books, then invite other ordinary citizens (and men's lifestyle publications) to take one book and replace it with…

Life is short... read fast! Sit back and relax with your favorite book and these book lovers throw pillows. Each design is offered in multiple fabrics, sizes, and colors making them perfect for any room in your home, office or library. Our quality reading pillow covers are made to order in the USA and feature 3 wooden buttons on the back for closure. Choose your favorite and create a truly unique pillow set. #roomcraft

Juanita Santacruz. La Puente, CA. My birthday was coming up in a few months, and I asked my family to help me make a little free library instead of gifts. They did! Our little free library is bilingual....Spanish and English. Some of the children have already said "When I grow up I want to do this too." The little free library of Valinda has become very popular in the 33 days we have been open.

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