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Bitter Sweet by Mason N. Forbes. A sensational thriller at Look 4 Books #L4B

Leo Nickolls открытка: два склеенных листа бумаги, на внутреннем рисунки, на внешнем вырезаны буквы

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The Best Crime Novel Covers Ever

this book cover was very interesting because of the way the bones form the shape of a gun. The way who every bone fits into a certain place to fit the exact out line of a gun really mimics the shape perfectly. plus the fact that the name of the book is called villains could indicate there's a great evil or injustice taking place that could cause a lot of death.

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The 17 Best YA Book Cover Designs Of 2014

A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray | The 17 Best YA Book Cover Designs Of 2014

I don't read much but this book was absolutely sensational. Touching, empowering and filled with beautiful imagery. Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea. Thanks Meg for the recommendation.

The Sister: A psychological thriller with a brilliant twi...


Wink Poppy Midnight by April Genevieve Tucholke

The intrigue of The Raven Boys and the "supernatural or not" question of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer coalesce in this young adult mystery, where nothing is quite as it seems, no one is quite who you think,...

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Book Review: DARK MATTER by Blake Crouch

“Are you happy with your life?” Those are the last words Jason Dessen hears before the masked abductor knocks him unconscious. Before he awakens to find himself strapped to a gurney, surrounded

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I find it really eye-catching to be drawn in by the yellow, then pulled, color by color, into the dark blue of the water. I think the alignment of the horizon line at the center, plus the central column of colors is a successful use of symmetry.

sci fi book cover art | Dune | One of the best and most important sci-fi books ever! Also my favorite book ever!