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Need a wear-resistant bearing that's also FDA compliant? iglide A180 to the rescue!

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iglide® A350 plastic bushings can come into direct contact with food where other bearings, such as nylon bushings, cannot. This wear-resistant plastic bushing meets FDA guidelines and is blue in color. The color helps minimize product contamination in food production lines.

iglide® UW500 plastic bushings were developed for underwater applications involving high temperatures up to 482°F. When lubrication is added, the bushings can also operate in chemicals.

iglide® GLW plastic bushings are low-cost and can handle average mechanical stressing. The bushings are particularly suited to applications with static loads, where they only need to move occasionally.

iglide® Z plastic bushings have an extremely high compressive strength coupled with high elasticity. This enables them to work extremely well with soft shafts, edge loads and impacts. The bushings are also suitable for temperatures up to 482°F.

PRT slewing rings use self-lubricating, low-friction sliding elements in place of ball bearings. They represent a step forward in slewing ring bearing technology.

iglide® A290 plastic bushings have good wear resistance when subjected to medium to high loads. The bushings adhere to BfR recommendations, but not FDA guidelines.

iglide® J plastic bushings combine high wear resistance at low to medium loads and excellent coefficients of friction. They boast extreme dimensional stability, even in moisture-exposed applications.

When it's hot, iglide® T500 plastic bushings are a great solution. They are also extremely resistant to chemicals. The really interesting thing about iglide® T500 bushings is that their wear resistance actually increases at high temperatures.